The project led with love and hope was born not only from a deep passion for mountains but also from disagreement for pain and suffering of animals and all living beings.

Speaking up for those who have no voice we would like to change the world and people and show that it is possible to follow a path free of violence. Together we can make the Earth a better place to live. ♥♥♥                        Mark


To climb the Seven Summits, seven highest peaks of all continents, being vegan since years, minimising non plant-based gear, finally without using any animal products, caring of the planet.


  • To show others that it is possible to be a regular guy on a plant-based diet and set yourself bold goals. I believe that the shift of social awareness is crucial for helping animals, and one of the ways of getting there leads through inspiring and setting example to others
  • To do what I love and follow my dreams with passion
  • To show that life without causing harm is not only easy, but also enjoyable. And necessary
  • To help animals with love, especially focusing on changing intensive livestock farming
  • To show, by achieving my goal, that it is heart and light, not only pure reason that lead you through life

What are Seven Summits? In a nutshell, these are the highest peaks of seven continents.

Why are they called Seven Summits, but some think there are nine?

Mont Blanc is considered to be the highest peak of Europe, even though recently the idea that it should be Elbrus, located in the European part of Russia, prevails. But because I love mountains and I truly enjoy uphill walking, which I can’t say about going down, and because doing Seven Summits is not just filling out a checklist for me, but a true passion and a great opportunity for achieving my goals and helping animals, I will climb both. In addition, in 1985 Australian Mount Kościuszko was replaced by Indonesian Puncak Jaya, or Carstensz Pyramid, following Reinhold Messner’s guidelines. I want to climb both of them, as well.

Mont Blanc, Elbrus- Europe

Kilimanjaro – Africa

Aconcagua – South America

Denali – North America

Carstens Pyramid, Mount Kosciuszko – Australia i Oceania

Vinsona Massif – Antarktyda

Mount Everest – Asia

About me

My name is Marek and I was born in the middle of ’80s. A couple of days after my 30th birthday I experienced a revelation that step by step started to change my values and my whole world. I am a regular guy who decided not to stop dreaming and to help animals and change people’s attitude. Because constant dripping wears away a stone. My greatest passion is hiking alone in mountains where everything in my head falls into place. I am a mediocre climber, even worse skier, but does it really matter if you love it and it gives you joy? After carrying out this project I want to settle down in a quiet eco-farm in the mountains, far away from the buzz of the city.

Love, Friendship, Good, Faith, Empathy, Awareness

My beliefs and ideas close to my heart:

even if I am on the very beginning of my way

  • Being there for others, also those who do not have voice of their own, is being there for yourself and for the world.
  • Love and Light of heart, you have everything within you, all you need is to get there.
  • Yoga, workout with body and soul.
  • Concern for nature as a whole – we kill the planet destroying the whole ecosystem – let’s stop that!
  • Gratefulness – to ourselves, animals, our loved ones, also to our body.
  • Minimalism

Calendar, project progress

Mont Blanc (4810 m n.p.m.) – achieved July 2018

Elbrus (5642 m n.p.m.) – achieved August 2019

Kilimanjaro (5895 m n.p.m.) – planned 2020

Aconcagua (6961 m n.p.m.) – planned 2020

Carstens Pyramid  (4884 m n.p.m.), Mount Kosicuszko (2230 m n.p.m.) – planned 2021

Denali (6195 m n.p.m) – planned 2022

Vinson Massif (4892 m n.p.m.) – planned 2023

Mount Everest (8848 m n.p.m.) – planned 2024

Thank you universe and all of you for your support and safety homecoming 🙂 

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