About the project

What is the Vegan7Summits Project?


There is one thing about the Vegan7Summits Project which is a bit tricky – it is not about helping animals directly. Its idea is to spread knowledge and values. I will, of course, help concrete animal sanctuaries which save animals, also livestock, but this project has also a broader dimension which is less visible, but very important. It is crucial to make clear how corrupt livestock farming is. What happens it is absolutely unacceptable.

Please remember, dear Readers and Friends, vegans and non-vegans, that this project is addressed to wide audience in order to show and explain what veganism is, and to alter the opinions of those who think that vegans are a bunch of freaks J. Anyway, I may be a freak, most probably I am, but a positive one J. I will show that life without meat and dairy is not only possible, but also happy, and that it is possible to achieve serious scores in sport that would be difficult for a healthy person eating meat, while being on this diet, treating living beings that way and not being a super healthy guy.

If you doubt it I will have to upset you – my problems with health have nothing in common with my diet and started long ago when I was still a carnivore. I want to prove something to those who don’t believe it and to all of those people who ask me if I eat grass if I eat anything or where do I take proteins from. I want to show them that veganism is a movement in a right direction – the wellbeing of all creatures and sustainable development of our planet. Animals, beautiful living beings, were not made for the purpose of satisfying our taste buds. They are made to be alive, not to die in torment, to suffer in a slaughterhouse in an absolutely non-humanitarian way. Anyway, no other way is possible, not in a slaughterhouse.

I want to prove that a vegan can be in good shape and run, climb, and reach highest summits when it’s frosty, windy or in the heat. And that he can do it not only on a vegan diet but also using as little as possible animal products in garments and gear. This project will have a minimal impact on the environment. If you exclude the positive one:)

It also obviously means taking with me my own waste, but also cleaning after others, if possible. It means leaving my way neat and clean, basically a journey without leaving a trace. When it comes to traces, I will write more about water and carbon footprints in a separate post, because it is a very important issue which requires quoting numbers and summing up the balance. I know that it is worth it and will be good for people, animals and our planet, but we can’t forget that even doing good comes at a cost.

For sure I will have to face criticism that the real goal of the project is to fulfil my own dream, not helping animals. Despite the fact that it is not true, I will have to search deep into myself where no one’s sight nor mind can reach, and find a sincere answer to that question. Am I being honest with myself? Am I telling the truth? I think that walking this line and keeping the balance between helping animals and the realisation of this project is extremely important. Everything is significant, but also everything is constantly changing like our life which is a process, a wave we ride on. We will never be in the same place again. It also concerns this project. I am deeply convinced that what I do is right and I will do a good job, even if it evolves on a way.

Listen, it requires a huge effort –sitting and writing every day, hours of thinking and searching the internet. And loads of money, mostly my own, to spend, which I don’t have yet. In a separate text, I will present arguments for financing this project while helping organizations which are helping animals at the same time. I would like to have a positive reception, but please be aware that I will communicate everything: all my dilemmas and problems, what went wrong, what I am afraid of, what scares me, but of course, I will also write about what is possible and what I will achieve.

Even if I catch the attention of a small group of people, we will be able to save dozens or hundreds of lives over the years. And if I am able to be understood better, if I am able to speak loudly about my plans and actions in the mainstream media, this voice will enhance instilling a new way of thinking of the world, a new way of perceiving living beings so they finally become subjects, and no longer objects for us! Then, it will be a huge success for us all, but above all, it will be a huge success of the saved lives.

Horrific numbers


animals are killed in slaughterhouses every second!